Pelinrakentaja Chris Forcierin haastattelu ja valmennuksen mietteitä

Kotka Eagles on tehnyt ensimmäiselle Vaahteraliigakaudelleen pelaajasopimuksen yhdysvaltalaisen pelinrakentaja Chris Forcierin kanssa. Osa tunnistaa hänet Vaahteraliigakaudelta 2020, jolloin Forcier edusti Helsinki Wolverinesia. Hän on aiemmin pelannut Euroopassa Saksan GFL- sarjaa Ingolstadt Dukesissa, Puolan LFA- sarjaa Wrocław Panthersissa, Tšekissä Pardubice Stallionsissa, sekä Italina pääsarjaa IFL:a Milano Rhinosissa.

Ennen kuin päästetään Chris ääneen, laitetaan alle valmennuksen ajatuksia aiheesta:

Charlie Ovey:
“I’m really happy we have been able to get a veteran player like Chris for 2022. He has performed at a high level in big games in Finland before and throughout his career in Europe. His familiarity with Kari is going to make the installation of our offence much smoother, and I am looking forward to seeing him get to work with our revamped receiver corps. Go Eagles.”

Kari Leivoja:
“Ollaan tosi innostuneita Chrisin saapumisesta johtamaan meidän hyökkäystä. Chris on todellinen johtaja meidän nuorekkaalle hyökkäykselle. Hän tulee johtamaan hyökkäyksen tekemistä oman esimerkkinsä kautta ja samalla tuo luotettavuutta joukkueen tärkeimmälle pelipaikalle ison kätensä ja huikeiden jalkojensa kanssa. Odotamme Timin ja muun staffin kanssa hienoa kautta Chrisin kanssa varsinkin, kun tällä kertaa pääsemme valmistautumaan siihen ajan kanssa ja ilman häiriötekijöitä.”

Sitten itse asiaan- Chris Forcierin haastattelu:

Welcome to the Kotka Eagles, Chris! Tell us about yourself: 

I have played football, coached and been around the game in some form or fashion my whole life. It all started at about 4 years old with my brothers and I who were introduced to the game of Football early on by my father. The three of us were all groomed to play Quarterback, and for myself it was through this position, and what it encompassed, that helped develop my love and passion for the game. Throughout my career, with hard work and the guidance of many, I have been able to consistently perform and develop at each level with much success that has led to many opportunities.

Tell our Eagles fans about your career so far:

In my teenage years, I was fortunate to be offered multiple scholarships from top Universities after a standout prep High School career. I was rated a top 15 QB nationally which enabled me to play Division 1 football in the states at UCLA and Furman University.

fter a successful run and end to my collegiate career at Furman, I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream of making it to the NFL where I was picked up as an Undrafted Free Agent signing in 2012. My stops in the NFL included the Jacksonville Jaguars and New York Jets.

I also had a stint with the Canadian Football League with the Montreal Alouettes. I can say making it to this level of play was a true testament to my commitment and devotion to the game. It was also one of the biggest challenges I have ever faced in my life in that I was truly at the highest level one could reach for the profession of American Football. Everyone at this level is gifted, and the room for error is next to none. Thus, you are in the top 1 percent of the skill required to be a professional, however, as hard as it was to make it to this point, it was even harder to remain.

With that being said, my time was short in the NFL but impactful and I will cherish and be grateful for the opportunity forever because it has opened doors to other playing gigs along the way.

After the NFL, my International Football Career began and has taken me all over Europe. I have played in Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, and now Finland. These are the countries I have chosen to experience and be an ambassador to the game in, but there are many others that have presented themselves along the way.

I can say looking back from my high school years, I would have never imagined Football would take me all over the world to play 7 countries to date including my home country.

What are your strengths as a player and what do you bring to the team?

My strength as a player is definitely my dual threat ability. When things break down, I am able to improvise in unfavorable situations; whether that is passing on the run or scrambling for a first down to keep the chains moving. I feel that I see the field well and play with efficiency. My experience in this game has taught me the importance of situational football and how to minimize mistakes by taking care of the ball and making good decisions. What I bring to the team is a wealth of experience at all levels including international play. Having success in Finland before, I am familiar with the talent level the league offers and the competition we will face. From a personnel perspective, I understand how to utilize the skillsets of the players I am surrounded by and how to get the best out of everyone. Personally, I am a leader, a winner, and will fight to the end every time regardless of game circumstances.

What made you choose Kotka Eagles?

I chose Kotka Eagles for many different reasons. Kotka is making their first appearance in the Maple League and I saw it as an opportunity to help continue building upon the success that has already been laid by those who have been a part of the organization. I also chose Kotka for the challenge ahead that presents itself. From experience, winning in this league is not easy because there is a good amount of parity between teams, however, I have always been an ambitious guy who tends to join the underdog when it comes to my playing career. Simply put, I want to help Kotka compete in this league. Familiarity with OC Coach Kari was also another plus. We had success in the short time we had to work together with the Wolverines by making it to the Maple Bowl in the 2020 season. With the added time to prepare, I think it will be beneficial.

What are your goals for the 2022 season?

My goals are clear for the 2022 season and that is to help Kotka compete and win as many games as possible in the Maple league that put us in playoff contention. If we can do that, then at that point we can talk about competing for championships which is the obvious goal for any team. Realistically, every week will be a battle, so we have to do what is necessary as a team to give ourselves a fighting chance against each opponent.

What do you do outside of football?

When it comes to import life, what I do outside of football can vary. Personally, my hobbies and interests include travel, photography, hanging out at coffee shops, cooking, reading, podcasts, developing spiritually, hiking and training Quarterbacks. When I am in the states, I have worked an array of jobs from hospitality, sales, retail management and coaching youth.

What can the Eagles fans expect from you?

What Eagles fans can expect from me is a veteran guy who is passionate about the game and about the team. I care about the guys around me and want to see them develop in the game as much as possible. I will go out of my way to be a positive influence and will happily pass along the wealth of knowledge I have been blessed to receive from my experiences in this game. I love to win, hate to lose, I’m a true competitor. I also appreciate all the support the team can get from fans through the season because I know how valuable that is as we are representing the city of Kotka.

Fun facts about Chris:

  • I throw right-handed, I write left-handed
  • I’ve traveled to 25 countries
  • My mother was born in Germany

Chris Forcier Wolverinesissa 2020. Kuvaaja Irja Vaateri

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