Otteluennakko – Eagles vs. Roosters 11.8

Today is the last men’s home game of the year, against the Helsinki Roosters. The last time the Eagles faced the Roosters was in their Vaahteraliiga debut at the Velodrome, losing 57 – 6 to the home team. Since then, the Eagles have faced their own ups and downs in the season. Despite injuries and losses, the team has continued to show heart while giving established teams a run for their money.


Kuva: Mikko Mäkelä

We asked HC Charlie Ovey his thoughts on our first Vaahteraliiga home game, so we are closing out our time at Karhulan Keskuskenttä in 2022 by asking his thoughts on tonight’s matchup:

Q: Roosters were the maple league opener for the Eagles. How has the team changed since then for today’s game?

A: We have experience within the maple league at the point. Additionally we have Darrien Boone, Tachu Hernandez and Peter Anderson with us to complete our group of imports.

Q: What defensive and offensive players should we be looking for today for big plays?

A: Peter Anderson, and Atte Jokinen

Q: Why should our Eagles fans come to this final maple league home game of 2022?

A: Fans should come and witness the ongoing competitive effort of the players and coaches-despite the setbacks we have faced, the team has continued to play hard and this game will be no exception

Q: What are your favourite memories from this season so far?

A: Seeing individual players succeed and showcase their skill at the highest level of the sport. Veeti Kuusela, Sampo Viinimaki, Veikko Kallio, Atte Jokinen are all guys who have introduced themselves to the league this season and deserve recognition, as well as many more players within our club.


Get your tickets to the game from (10€) or at the field (15€). Full event information can be found on our Facebook event– including the wonderful food and beverages on offer!

See you at the field!

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